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Welcome to the site. All photo sets are sold individually and there are no subscriptions.

Office Erotic Archives is a compilation of photo sets from the web sites; Office Fantasy, Office Fantasy 2 and Office Erotic.

Most of the sets show the "naughty bits" but don't overlook the non-nude sets which are "smoking hot" and all the sets have thumbnail previews.

After about 20 years of perving on beautiful women I decided to rest on their laurels. Shooting erotica is like repairing mufflers. Exhausting. I will miss the beautiful women that have graced my lens but I will alway have their photos to remind me of them and share with you.

If you care;

Office Fantasy started as a mildly erotic non-nude tease sight. It was easy to get pretty girls because there was no nudity but non-nude models were often, how can I elegantly phrase this, “A pain in the ass”. “I don’t want to wear a thong”, “These panties are too sheer”, “I don’t want you to look up my skirt”

After about a year of that I had a flash of genius. Why not hire nude models to do non-nude work! They wouldn’t complain about wearing thongs or sheer panties. My wife said if nude models cost more why don’t you shoot them nude. Duh ! So much for my flash of genius. So I started Office Fantasy 2 with nudity. I eventually transitioned Office Fantasy to nudity and changed the name to Office Erotic.